Friday, November 18, 2016

FireFan - What is it? Review for Real Time Sports "Gaming" App for iOS or Android!

Review Summary:

FireFan is the new way to play fantasy sports in real time.

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FireFan is the new sports game that is being announced from United Games. The FireFan app for Android and iOS will have players betting on live sports, from individual plays to actions you predict will happen, all the way to the final outcome.  If you like playing fantasy sports casually or professionally, you will love this new type of gameplay. Being able to bet on individual plays in a game really changes the way you watch sports. If you thought playing fantasy on the outcome of games made it more interesting then get ready for play by play betting.

What Is FireFan?

FireFan is a free mobile app for playing real time fantasy sports. Allows you to play live during real sporting events. Play along with your favorite teams and compete with your friends, family, and even Pro Athletes Live. Test your team and sports knowledge. Take your fandom to the next level and stake your claim as your teams best home town fan.
Take a quick look at my personal intro video below:

What Platforms Is FireFan Supported On?

Look for the FireFan app on the Play store and Apple App store. Getting started is easy. Simply download the app, create an account and get started.

What Sports Does FireFan Support?

Start betting on all NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, International Soccer and more.

What Does the FireFan App Look Like?

Here is a screenshot of a Correct Action inside the FireFan app:

Who Is The Ideal FireFan Player?
  • Pro Football Fans (NFL)
  • College Football Fans
  • Soccer & International Soccer Fans
  • Pro Basketball Fans (NBA)
  • Pro Hockey Fans (NHL)
  • Pro Baseball Fans (MLB)
  • Pro Cricket Fans

What Is The FireFan Release Date?

The official launch date is the week of November 21st 2016.   If you pre-register for the app using promo code ‘FirstEpicFan’ you will get 12 bonus tokens so you can start playing the game for free right out of the gate.

Is FireFan Considered Gambling?

In order for a game to be considered gambling, three criteria MUST be present, and it MUST contain all three.
1. Consideration: payment in money, time, or anything of value in order to participate
2. Prize: a prize of tangible value offered in conjunction with the prediction or game outcome
3. Game of Chance vs Game of Skill: the determination of if a game requires skill or chance in order to win.
FireFan has two out of three elements, but never ALL three, therefore, we are NOT gambling any more than your other casual games that you play where you can purchase virtual currency (consideration) and play a game (chance or skill) but you get points, not prizes.

So sign up , literally, right NOW -- As the game is releasing this coming week (Week of Nov 21st, 2016) -- You won't get your bonus coins unless you sign up immediately before release HERE!

See you all IN the FireFan game!

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